Work groups

The APMS has the following structure of active work groups:

Premium services & mCommerce

The mission of this work group is to create a sound market environment for the provision of mobile payment services, and mutual informing of members of the work group about trends and new possibilities in the sphere of premium services for the benefit of the end customer. The members of the group continuously monitor the observance of rules set for the provision of services of chargeable calling (audiotext) and chargeable SMS (Premium SMS) and deals with violations on the part of the providers of these services on an individual basis. The portal platmobilem.cz, operated by the group, informs customers about services that may be paid for via mobile phones, including the option of finding the price of the service and its provider – this may be used, among other things, to make warranty claims in respect of the service.

Social Responsibility Group

The group takes part in mobile operator projects, which are based on a responsible approach to society, enlightenment and education in the safe application of mobile technologies. An integral part of their activities is also the support of non-profit organizations. The group is currently working on improving and expanding the SMS donation system. 

Regulation and legislation

The activities of this work group lie mainly in the preparation and sending of expert opinions concerning draft laws and regulations; the group may also initiate such proposals. Among other things, the group presents its statements on the regulatory proposals prepared by the Czech Telecommunication Office, especially in respect of general issues. The group’s activities also include preparing opinions on strategic and political documents that are prepared by state authorities in the sphere of electronic communications (e.g. Digital Czech Republic or terms for the frequency auctions). The representatives of the group communicate, on a regular basis, with the representatives of state authorities - especially the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Czech Telecommunication Office - in relation to issues concerning mobile communications.


This work group deals with the issue of interconnecting networks from the technical viewpoint (interface types, principles of technical solutions for the interconnecting of networks, definition of interconnecting points and the connection typology etc.). The group also defines the basic description of interconnecting services and basic contractual documents. The group secures processes in the sphere of network interconnections resulting from the regulatory framework of the CR and the EU and participates in public discussions regarding network interconnections focusing mainly on the Electronic Communications Act, the numbering, signalling and transmission plan, the transfer of localization data, analysis of relevant markets etc.


The group’s activities especially focus on the definition and unification of the procedure of all operators for the execution of number porting in mobile networks. The group’s activities also include the preparation of opinions in respect of regulatory proposals from the Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ).